Terms and Conditions

Our services and activities are regulated and require a professional real estate license to operate. This means you are protected and the government has set general terms and conditions that apply to our services, the applicable law that determines this is called “Loi Hoguet”.

It describes many things and basically tells us to be transparent, obtain a professional license and have financial securities. All to protect you as a client, whether you are buying or selling!

In any case, this is some information that is important for you to know about us:

FRH – French Riviera House Hunting is a Limited Liability Company and a registered name of “SARL FRENCH RIVIERA HOUSE HUNTING”.

SARL is the abbreviation of Société A Responsabilité Limitée – or in English a Limited Liability Company.

Our registered office address is 50 Boulevard Joseph Garnier, 06000 Nice in France and we are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under SIRET number: 914 630 827 00014.

We have a professional license (Carte Professionnelle) to exercise our activities. The license number is CPI06052021000000112 – issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice (Law No. 70-9 of 2 January 1970 of Conditions for exercising activities relating to certain transactions concerning real estate and businesses as a going concerns)

And last but not least, any liabilities are insured and covered by Allianz Insurance Company, cabinet Christelle Chalvin, 69 Boulevard Maréchal Juin, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, France. Our policy / contract number is n°61820293.

We will inform you properly about your rights during our intake and meanwhile you can click here for more information about Loi Hoguet on the government website.